Thursday, January 28, 2010

Um, hello? It's city equipment.

It seems that a fire-fighters union here in NKY doesn't like the new ambulance.

Their primary argument is centered around concerns about lawsuits being brought under HIPAA patient privacy regulations.  However, I believe this is a red herring.  They just don't want to be recorded.

I find this very similar to a story Jay G posted the other day about cops not wanting GPS units installed in their cruisers.  I think some of the same arguments apply here.

It's city equipment.  They have a right to install monitoring equipment to protect the city, its employees and its citizens.  Further, as the city attorney pointed out, HIPAA doesn't bar videotaping of patients.

Besides, to me it seems that the medicos would welcome the video equipment.  It gives them solid evidence when they are accused of medical malpractice.

Just another case of the inmates (unions) running the asylum.

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