Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The lesson depends on the teacher

Or the weird sense of humor of the student:

(h/t to the DFW Ufies)

How long is a day?

It's been 8 months.  8 months and a few spare days.

June 5th of 2010 was the last day I smoked a cigarette.

8 months and 3 days.

The physical addiction is by far long gone.  My body no longer needs nicotine.

Apparently, my brain and my body are like the Democrats and the Republicans.  They don't really talk to each other.  And when they do, it's in overblown hyperbole.  To listen to my brain, I have not yet quit smoking.  Despite the fact that I haven't had any nicotine in 8 months, my brain here in the last week or so has tried telling my body that ZOMG IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!! YOU MUST HAVE NICOTINE NOW!!!!!!

Needless to say, this has made for a stressful moment or two.  The good news is, brawn has held out over brains, for now.  I'm thinking it might be time to invest in more chewing gum.

Quitting smoking sucks.

The alternative sucks worse.

I need to do pushups or something.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Seeing red

One of the frustrations with building a house is that the builder invariably wants to put one color throughout the entire house.  It's easy to understand why.  They buy 20 gallons of paint, thin it to within an inch of its life, and then spray it on every vertical surface they can find.

The original wall color
When we moved in, we promised the kids that we would paint their rooms, and that they could pick out the colors.  Tonight, we finally finished painting the last of the rooms, that of #1 Son.  #1 Daughter got a nice green shade, the room shared by #2 and #3 Daughters is something akin to Pepto, and #1 Son has a shade of red.  It's technically called "Cinnamon Stick" from Glidden.

Glidden's Cinnamon Stick
Here are some of the tools that did the deed:

Here's his bed, window, and valance:

Here's a shot of his closet.  There is a spot I am repainting on the closet frame.  When we rolled it, the existing paint lifted straight off.  It's raw sheetrock (no paper cover) that's exposed.  I think it got dinged during construction, and they didn't prime it properly.

And here's the last shot, of his ceiling fan:

I think he got hit with the irony stick

Yesterday, President Obama delivered his weekly address, expanding on the themes of his State of the Union address.

He stressed the need to have competitive business environment.  In fact, in his opinion:
"In today's global, competitive economy, the best jobs and newest industries will take root in countries with the most skilled workers, the strongest commitment to research and technology and the fastest ways to move people, goods and information,"
 To help foster that environment, he has plans.  What are those plans?
He talked about federal tax credits and financing programs that are helping companies boost their bottom lines and hire workers.
So, let's see if I understand this correctly.  You want to raise taxes on high-income individuals, a number of whom are actually businesses, thus increasing taxes on businesses.  You want to remove tax incentive programs that are already in place for the "wrong" kinds of businesses, thus worsening their bottom line and making it more difficult to higher workers.  Yet you then want to turn around and give businesses federal tax credits?

Instead of a redistribution scheme, why not leave that money with the companies in the first place?  Why not reduce the corporate and individual tax rates so that companies have more of their own money available to them, without having to rely on a government handout.  Oh, and I thought that profits were bad.  After all, companies shouldn't make a decent earning so that they can expand, and hire more people.  At least, that's what I remember being the lesson after all the talk about windfall profit taxes.

Stop picking winners and losers.  Foster an open business environment unencumbered with excessive taxes and regulations.  Let the market work, and I think you'd be surprised at the results.  Or then again, maybe you wouldn't be surprised.  And that says even more right there, doesn't it?

It's a centurion

Oh, wait, that's not what I was thinking of.

I know!!!

No, that's not it either.

Ah, that's the problem.  It's not a centurion, it's 100 posts.

Hmmm, doesn't feel as momentous as I thought it would.

And technically, this is post #101

Friday, February 4, 2011

Play stupid games, part 1,028,283

So, there is a chiropractic firm.  If you felt in need of their services, and went to their company, and received chiropractic care from them, it would be reasonable for the company to bill you for their services.  And it would be reasonable for them to expect you to pay them the fair market value of services rendered.

Apparently, however, this chiropractic firm DOES NOT feel the same.  They apparently contracted with a web design firm to enhance their internet presences.  Said web design firm provided the requested services.  The chiropractic firm decided not to pay.

Don't tick off the person with the keys to the kingdom.

EDIT:  The designer in question apparently edited the landing page.  There used to be a link that said something along the lines of "So you want to see a picture or something?"

This is where that link led.

It's official We're all purple now.

Yes, the idyllic post-partisan nirvana has been reached.

No more shall we be known as red states or blue states.

We are all purple states now.

Innovate! Educate! Win!

Or, in other words, BOHICA:
 The White House rolled out its plan to stimulate the economy and increase American competitiveness Friday, detailing in a new report how it hopes to spur innovation.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that this includes increased expenditures, oh excuse me, investments, by our Federal government.

Oh, and look what I found:
The report also elaborates on Obama's plans for increasing investments in key areas, such as education and clean energy. 
What was that definition of insanity again?  Oh yeah.  "Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result".  It seems like Washington refuses to learn.

I'd sign the waiver form

Water-powered jetpacks anyone?

As the article says, ". . .experience the thrill of blasting yourself face first into the water from 30-feet up"

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Traction is overrated

Having lived in Northern Kentucky for ~18 months now, I've had my fair share of rain storms, snow storms, hot days, muggy days, and the like.

This morning, however, was my first experience with an "ice storm"1.  The last time I experienced one of these was in the mid-90's while I was in college in Texas.  Let's just say that sliding down your driveway in an uncontrolled manner is NOT the best way to start your morning.

1There was basically no accumulation.  It was just enough to slick everything over.  My car didn't even hard-freeze.