Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Waivers to leave the house

A Louisville Representative apparently thinks parents should sign waivers before their kids can leave the house.  Well, okay, I'll be honest.  She didn't say that in so many words.  But let's go to the tape:
“You have to sign permission slips for everything else. Why not this?” Marzian said in an interview. “Many parents don’t realize they could be exposing their children to guns in a very volatile political setting.”
Oh no!!  We could be exposing the children to those evil things called guns!!  Especially in a political environment like the statehouse.

But wait.  Kentucky is a constitutionally protected open-carry state.  With full preemption.   So any time a child leaves the house, they could be exposed to an environment where someone is allowed to carry a gun!!  This is HORRIBLE!!

Obviously, the solution is a state-wide perambulation registration database.  Any child found wandering the streets without the appropriate paperwork on file shall immediately be detained, and their parents liable for exposing them to The. Real. World.

After all, we have a Nanny State to protect.

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