Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Too cool for school - View Web Source for Android

We have been having an issue with one of our websites, and have been doing extensive testing across multiple devices and browsers. Often times, it's helpful to look at the source code for the page, to help determine what might be causing the issue or to view comments that we inject into the pages to help us with troubleshooting.

By default, the Android browser does not have a 'view source' option. However, thanks to a discussion over on Stack Exchange, I ran across this nifty (and FREE!!!) Android app called View Web Source.

Once it is installed, usage is exceptionally easy. Load the page you want to inspect in the browser, select the Menu -> More -> Share Page. View Web Source registers itself as a "Share" helper, so it will appear in the list of "Share via" applications. Select it, and then a text window is displayed with the page source.

Now, if your rendered page is large, it's not very easy to scroll through and look at everything, but it is certainly better than nothing.

The one feature I wish it would implement is searching, use the default search button on the device. Otherwise, it's quite the handy utility.

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