Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The long, slow march through the adipocytes

Since I was diagnosed with gout, I have made several lifestyle changes. The biggest one concerns my diet. Gone is the alcohol. I've dramatically cut back on portion sizes, and reduce my calorie intake.

The net result?

I've lost approximately 15 pounds since February 1st, and I'm well on my way to my (current1) goal weight of 170 pounds.

You'll notice I've added a new badge over to the right labeled "My Hacker's Diet". I'm using a online tool called, you guessed it, The Hacker's Diet. Long story short, an exec at Autodesk got tired of being overweight, and decided to approach weight-loss as an engineering problem. If calories-in is less than calories-burned plus calories-out, you will lose weight. To help keep you on track, he uses statistical modeling methods to show your weight trend over time, instead of just focusing on daily fluctuations. The badge shows my trend for the last week.

Here is my log for February (actually the current month, this will change as the month rolls over).

Here is the online toolkit he's made available.

Let me point out that this starts with my weight at ~193. I'd already lost almost 10 pounds before I started using this tool, but I didn't have daily weight data, so I just started on the 7th.

1Right now I want to get down to 170. Once I reach that goal, I'll reevaluate and determine if I want to get down in the 150-160 range or not. I despair of ever seeing my high school weight of 130 again.

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