Tuesday, February 14, 2012

One venti Blonde, please

Ahhhhh, the sweet taste of personal freedom
I participated in the Starbuck's Buycott this morning on the way into the office. Only $2.25, but it's the point the counts right?

Oh, and as for the NGVAC and their lovely little Open Letter to Starbucks?

First, saying your letter is from the "faith community" is disingenuous, bordering on outright deceitful. I consider myself part of the faith community, and your letter in no way represents me.

Second, I find the logical disconnect quite amusing and ironic. First, you praise Starbucks for standing up on the same-sex marriage front, advocating for a group of people to have the same rights as everyone else, and for the government to keep its nose out of their business. In other words, you laud them for advocating for individual freedoms across the board. Then, you excoriate Starbucks for not restricting the rights of another group of people.

I would have a lot more respect for your organization1 if you would at least present a coherent and consistent message. Either individual liberty is important, or the government and organizations should be able to run roughshod over whatever group it chooses whenever it wants.

1Granted, since we're starting at zero respect, any increase at all would be "a lot more", and the percentage increase itself would be mathematically impossible to calculate, but I doubt you understand that concept either.

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