Monday, July 2, 2012

The oddities of logistics

My current watch has what they call a resin band. To me, it's plastic, but I realize it's a bit more high-tech than that. It lasted about two years, but then started developing cracks. So, I ordered a replacement band for it (cloth, not resin, so it should last longer).

According to the track & trace logs, this is the journey my little watch band has taken so far:

Day 1 - Evening - Left fulfillment center
Day 2 - Morning - Arrived first stop (this is ~10 miles from my house)
Day 3 - Mid-day - Left first stop (again, this is ~10 miles from my house)
Day 3 - Evening - Arrived major city (~130 miles from my house)
Day 4 - Overnight - Left major city
Day 4 - Morning - Arrived in my town

My package took a journey of an extra 250 miles or so. I realize that's the nature of mass logistics. Everything goes to the hubs, where it's then sent back out in smaller shipments for specific areas. They just don't have the manpower to intercept one little package like mine and stop it from going to the big hub.

But still. 2 days ago it was just 10 miles away.


  1. My first watch band on this watch lasted four years. The second only about two months until the former girlfriends poorly behaved dog chewed it up. I've had the current one for a year. I think this watch was one of the best $70 I ever spent, it's solar charging and still on the first battery. Resin band also.

    1. Mine is the Timex Ironman Shock. I got it for something like $30 at Wally world. It's a great watch, but I'm just rough on the bands. Also, I actually prefer the "infinite" adjustability of the velcro closures.

      That, and they're just easier to clean when I sweat them out.

  2. LOL, would have been faster to just drive over and pick it up yourself, BUT that is not the way things are done these days... Sigh