Friday, July 13, 2012

Put a helmet on!!

Comedian Brad Stine has been referred to as the Christian Dennis Leary. He has a very fast-paced, frenetic style of delivery. One of his most popular sketches is called "Put a Helmet On." In this sketch, he bemoans helicopter parenting and the over-coddling of society.

Here is a sample of his work:

It seems that more of society needs to take heed of Stine's warnings. Today's example is the mother of a Justin Bieber fan. The mother,
[...] claims that, because of the alleged incident, she now suffers "hearing loss, severe tinnitus and hyperacusis (an oversensitivity to certain frequency ranges of sound) in both ears."
What is this "alleged incident" she mentions? A Bieber concert in July of 2010. The mechanism of injury? The shrieking voices of thousands of adolescent girls.

What happened to personal responsibility? A pack of foam ear plugs can be had for less than $2 at most any pharmacy or the first aid section of any grocery store. Concerts are loud. Adoring fans screaming their heads off are loud. Protect yourself, because no one else should be responsible for you.

Sometime I fear that society has become so dysfunctional that there is nothing to be done to save it.

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