Monday, February 1, 2010

Change I can believe in

Well, well, well.

A workplace policy change that I can fully support.  It seems one of the frequent complaints has been that there are just too many meetings going on, and it makes it hard to get work done.  Sort of reminds me of the old "We'll hold daily status meetings until we're back on schedule" type of attitude.

So, the Big Boss mentioned that other companies have successfully implemented "no meetings" days.  On these days, guess what?  No meetings are held!!!  Novel concept, that, I know.

Anyway, as a trial run, a new policy has been implemented regarding meetings.  Effective immediately, Friday after 1:00 PM is now a "no meeting" time, at least within our department.  If this is successful, it will be expanded to a full day black-out of meetings on Fridays.

This is change I can believe in.

I just wish they'd expand it to "after 4:00 PM" every day.  Nothing worse than a meeting at the end of the day as you're trying to clear your desk.

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