Monday, February 1, 2010

When Technology and Music Unite

Robot Band Backs Pat Metheny on Orchestrion Tour

"Dozens of robotic band members will join jazz guitarist Pat Metheny on his next international tour. It’s the same backup band that accompanied him on his latest album, Orchestrion, producing sounds both familiar and alien."
The leading image is rather quite astonishing.  This is not just the same as pre-recording tracks and playing them back on electronic player pianos, or using mix-down tricks and fancy video editing.  While he's played all the tracks himself, they music is mechanically recreated during the performance.

“It’s not samples, it’s not looping — it’s something else. This is me playing with dozens of me in real time, and that’s a new thing,” Metheny told during an interview in the large rehearsal space his robots require, a desanctified church in Greenpoint, Brooklyn."
Here's a video of the band in action.

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