Thursday, December 9, 2010


How many times does it have to be said?  You need to pay attention to your surroundings!!

How oblivious do you have to be (or how loud does the music have to be) for you not to hear a train horn being blown at you?!?  This young lady is very fortunate she wasn't more seriously injured.  One can only hope that she learns a valuable lesson here.

It is too easy to get distracted in the modern world.  I must admit that I do walk around with my earbuds in.  However, when I do, my head is almost always on a constant swivel.  I check for traffic, check for other pedestrians, and just try to keep up with my surroundings.  Even with that being said, I have been caught unawares on occasion.  Usually, the better the song, the more distracted I get.  I am reminded of Cooper's Color Code.

What is your mental condition when you're walking around?


  1. only use one earbud, music might not sound quite as nice, but you'll be less likely to be caught unawares!

  2. Ruth - there's a reason I don't like to do that. Do searches for "monaural" or "binaural" listening. The quickest way to ruin your hearing is to listen with only one earbud.

    In short, put both in, set the volume, and then take one out. Not loud enough? Deal with it. Cranking the volume up to deal with only one earbud is a BAD THING.