Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So I wonder how much it will cost?

Ky. ponders park deer hunts to raise cash

Naturally, the Humane Society is experiencing an acute case of PSH:
"We think it's a travesty, because state parks are one of the few safe havens left, not just for animals but for people who enjoy watching wildlife," said Laura Simon, the Humane Society's field director for urban wildlife.
Um, so, deer hunting in the state parks is going to be unsafe for wildlife observers?  That's interesting, since they are planning on doing the hunts during times the parks are already closed.  Oh, yeah, and this will be part of the herd management efforts.  The state already uses private hunters on cull hunts.

And, as for the assertion that the park deer are practically tame and will just come right up to the hunter?  GREAT!!!  What's more humane than a can't-miss instant kill shot?  Oh, yeah, and I'm willing to bet that the deer will learn to be suspicious of humans pretty quick.

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