Saturday, February 5, 2011

Seeing red

One of the frustrations with building a house is that the builder invariably wants to put one color throughout the entire house.  It's easy to understand why.  They buy 20 gallons of paint, thin it to within an inch of its life, and then spray it on every vertical surface they can find.

The original wall color
When we moved in, we promised the kids that we would paint their rooms, and that they could pick out the colors.  Tonight, we finally finished painting the last of the rooms, that of #1 Son.  #1 Daughter got a nice green shade, the room shared by #2 and #3 Daughters is something akin to Pepto, and #1 Son has a shade of red.  It's technically called "Cinnamon Stick" from Glidden.

Glidden's Cinnamon Stick
Here are some of the tools that did the deed:

Here's his bed, window, and valance:

Here's a shot of his closet.  There is a spot I am repainting on the closet frame.  When we rolled it, the existing paint lifted straight off.  It's raw sheetrock (no paper cover) that's exposed.  I think it got dinged during construction, and they didn't prime it properly.

And here's the last shot, of his ceiling fan:


  1. Oh yeah, painting over the original skim of paint is SUCH fun... I've ended up having to re-prime the entire place, THEN paint in the chosen colors. Thankfully, my daughters didn't want wild colors, so I haven't had to repaint but once since they left :-)

  2. love that cinnamon colour ... but as i'm allergic to paint you won't find me putting it anywhere :)