Friday, February 4, 2011

Play stupid games, part 1,028,283

So, there is a chiropractic firm.  If you felt in need of their services, and went to their company, and received chiropractic care from them, it would be reasonable for the company to bill you for their services.  And it would be reasonable for them to expect you to pay them the fair market value of services rendered.

Apparently, however, this chiropractic firm DOES NOT feel the same.  They apparently contracted with a web design firm to enhance their internet presences.  Said web design firm provided the requested services.  The chiropractic firm decided not to pay.

Don't tick off the person with the keys to the kingdom.

EDIT:  The designer in question apparently edited the landing page.  There used to be a link that said something along the lines of "So you want to see a picture or something?"

This is where that link led.

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