Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How great is your God?

How Great is your God?

Are you Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Evangelical, or Charismatic? Do you go to Saturday Mass, Saturday Night Service, Sunday Morning Service, or worship at home?  Do you prefer rap, rock, gospel, contemporary christian, or "devil music"? Do you sing a capella? Do you have a praise band? Do you have an orchestra? Does your choir wear robes, do they wear suits, do they wear black, or do they show up in whatever was clean enough? Are you mic'd, or are you unplugged? Do you do "real church" or "rock-and-roll church"?  Do you have a worship leader, or a conductor? Is it your adult choir, or your youth group?  Do you need earplugs or hearing aids?  Do you know the words or do you read the words?

 Just how great is your God?

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  1. Pretty cotton pickin good to be able to accept ALL those different types of worship! Just sayin... :-)