Thursday, April 5, 2012

Free books, get your free books!!

With the upcoming release of SQL Server 2012, Wrox is running a contest where you can win their entire SQL Server 2012 library (5 books total, it appears). I think they deliver them in e-book format, but all of their e-books are DRM-free and available in all 3 major formats.

You can enter the contest here.

The official contest rules are available here.

Full disclaimer: Wrox is one of my favorite tech resource publishers, and I own several of their titles.

Note to the FTC: Hey guess what? I entered the contest, and I thought friends would like to as well. Wrox hasn't given me anything whatsoever for this post, but if they wanted to send some items for T&E or review, I probably wouldn't turn them down. Likewise, if they felt absolutely compelled to send me some swag or gear, I'd probably wear it. Now please stop wasting my taxpayer dollars on silly stuff like this.

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