Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This is how it should happen

A cop gets busted running plates without a valid police need, apparently as part of a sting.

He lies about it, and gets caught in the lie.

He has now lost his law enforcement license and can never work as a cop again (at least in Ohio).

The only thing better would have been if they actually pursued the felony charges instead of allowing him to plea down to the misdemeanor.

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  1. The felony charges, which probably included everything but the kitchen sink, were likely only filed in order to get him to plead to a lesser charge so that they could scrape him off their shoe.

    It's nice to know that sometimes the watchers get watched.

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  5. So that is what you have to do to be banned from law enforcement!

    Shooting dogs? OK
    Shooting an unarmed driver because your partner slipped and fell? OK
    Threatening to kill a permit holder? TOTALLY OK

    Run a plate for your cousin? Not cool, kid, not cool. (13 felonies? SRSLY? And I assume it would have been hunky dory for him to run the plate of someone who cut him off since that was the initial excuse.)

  6. wizardpc,

    "And I assume it would have been hunky dory for him to run the plate of someone who cut him off since that was the initial excuse."

    If he had a reasonable and articulable suspicion that shenanigans were ongoing, then yes. Hence his added fabrications of how they cut him off and the ominous stares. "Ooh! Bangers engaged in reckless driving!"

  7. What I wish they would have explained is why he was under initial suspicion.

    If I've put the facts together correctly, his cousin was under suspicion by the drug task force. An informant gave a plate number to the perp cousin, who then gave it to the cop cousin and asked him to run it.

    That has all the hallmarks of a sting right there, because they were waiting for the tag to be run. When it was, the system flagged it, and they went straight to the cop cousin.

    So, why was he under suspicion to start? Why did they set up the sting?

    The more I think about it, the more it seems there was something else going on here.

  8. Hopefully he doesn't get recruited to LVMPD, they've got enough bad cops here in Vegas already.

  9. I'm happy when LEO get how wrong not disassociating from bad cops makes them all look.

  10. We had a fella a few months back in Dallas got to plea down after a sexual assault...

    How does qualified immunity turn into official oppression? Rape in the back of a marked squad car.

    They've really set the bar low for these guys.