Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Updates, get your updates!!

Well, look here.

Barnes & Noble has released update 1.4.1 for the Nook Color.

The biggest feature in this update is that they added the Netflix streaming client. Since they had it on the Nook Tablet, I was hoping they would put it over on the Color as well, and it seems they have.

It also looks like they finally added landscape mode support for reading, which given the free-flow nature of ePub, I always wondered why they didn't have.

Now, the one thing that I hope is in here, but I don't see mentioned specifically, is a fix for the suspend mode issue. Basically, periodically it will refuse to go to sleep, and the battery runs down inside 8 hours. The only way to fix this is to do a hard reset to restore to factory defaults. That didn't start happening until I installed 1.3.1 (as best I can tell) so I'm hoping it's just a software glitch that they have finally corrected.

Oh, and there are a few other eye candy updates as well that seem interesting.

So, you can either wait until the rolling update hits your Color automatically, or you can follow that link above and manually update by side-loading the update file.

1 comment:

  1. I'm going to wait... Mine is working good right now, and I really don't need streaming video...