Saturday, December 3, 2011

Zero Tolerance for Zero Tolerance

The craziness that is the school policy of Zero Tolerance has once again reared it's head.

In Boston, a young boy was being assaulted by someone who wanted his gloves. So, what did this victim do? He kicked the other kid to make him stop. Self-defense, end of story, right?

“‘Your son kicked a little boy in the testicles. We call that sexual harassment,’” Lynch said the school told her.
Excuse me? A bully attacks a kid. Said kid defends himself, lashing out at one of the most sensitive and tender areas available to him. The attack is stopped. And now the victim is being investigated for "sexual harrasment."

You have got to be kidding me.

This is the same mindset that says a woman shouldn't carry a gun, that she should hope the police arrive in time to protect her from the rapist. This is the same mindset that says "Just give them what they want and they won't hurt you."

Where is the investigation of the bully, that physically laid hands on another kid and choked him? That tried to take from someone else what he wanted by force? There's your harassment right there. Oh wait. That's not just harassment, that's assault and battery.

There are days that I think the home-schoolers have the right idea.

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