Sunday, October 2, 2011

Calorie counting really works. . .

. . . or, well DUH!!!

So, a scientific study found that reducing just the amount of calories consumed at lunch can lead to weight loss. Apparently, one of the prevailing thoughts was that if a caloric deficit was introduced at one meal, we would naturally make up for it during another meal or snack time.

Instead, the researches say they were able to "sneak in calorie reductions without the body noticing."

I make mockery of the article, but there really is a hidden lesson here. A lot of diet and weight-loss programs tell us we have to count all of our calories, all day long, using draconian methods. Instead, this research highlights that small changes are effective.

So, replace eating out at lunch with a portion-controlled meal, and do everything else the same. You incur a calorie change and will slowly lose weight.

Now, I just need to remember that myself, and implement it.

(h/t to Instapundit)

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