Saturday, October 1, 2011

Should this be Mike Sherman's last season?

For that matter, I'm sure some are asking if he should even finish out the season. For two weeks in a row, the Aggies were up big at half-time after a dominating first-half performance. It was easy to think that even if they hiccoughed a little in the second half, they had still done enough to win the game.

And the Oklahoma State and Arkansas had different ideas.

The Aggies have scored a grand total of 10 points in the 2nd half in those two games (not counting the safety that Oklahoma State gave up). Yes, the offense failed to move the ball and take control of the game, but the defense also had its troubles. Blackmon for OSU and Wright for Arkansas both had huge games. For two weeks in a row, the opposing quarterback set schools records for yardage. One or two more stops, and just maybe the games come out differently.

My point is, while it's very easy to say "Fire Mike Sherman", both games have shown a total collapse on both sides of the ball. I know DeRuyter is supposed to be a defensive genius, and things did improve last year when he switched the Aggies to the 3-4. However, it does seem like the staff as a whole is getting outcoached in the second half. The other teams are making adjustments, and we aren't. They're executing, we aren't. They're moving the ball and scoring, we're not.

To go from pre-season national title hopes and aspirations to a 2-2 record is very disappointing. It's demoralizing. I'm trying hard to not be a "bad Ag" and give up on the team. I mean, we technically still have a chance to win the conference, but it's very hard to believe right now.

The coaching staff deserves a chance, but Sherman's chair should rightfully be feeling a bit warmer right now.

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