Saturday, October 1, 2011

Follow-up on tracking RSS feed stats

On Thursday, I asked a question about tracking RSS views and stats via Sitemeter.

As I expected, nobody really knew anything. However, having done some research, I have stumbled upon the answer. I had previously noticed that a lot of people used Feedburner to provide their RSS feeds. I wondered about that, because most blogging platforms provided native RSS support.

Well, it turns out that Feedburner is for RSS feeds what Sitemeter or Google Analytics is for web sites. So, I've changed my feed settings in blogger to point to feed burner, and I've changed the RSS chicklet on my site as well.

I can now see how many subscribers there are to my feed, and which entries they actually click through on. So, if you already knew that, I'm sure you're chuckling and smirking behind your hand, but if you didn't, hopefully this is useful for you.

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