Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gov. Moonbeam sees the light

From an AP article over at Yahoo! Finance:
Gov. Jerry Brown will propose sweeping rollbacks to public employee pension benefits in California, including raising the retirement age to 67 for new employees who are not public safety workers and requiring state and local employees to pay more toward their retirement and health care, according to a draft of the plan obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press.
Color me shocked, but it definitely provides some vindication for the Scott Walkers and John Kasichs of the world.


  1. Yeah, but Walker was recorded in the phone with Koch saying he would "crush the unions" and admitted in a Congressional hearing that eliminating collective bargaining wouldn't save the state any money. He had no answer as to why a "cost-saving" measure saved zero cost.

    I'm on an innocent bystander's laptop and can't get my google password right, so I'm anonymous.

  2. Well, it seems that the facts disagree with you.

    One school district was able to save $1M thanks to the reforms pushed through by Walker.